Yes as the title indicates Visakhapatnam is a glowing city. A few interesting developments are taking place in the investment sector of REAL ESTATE industry.

a new opportunity is lingering around BHOGAPURAM the most happening place in the glowing city.

Selected as would be smart city among the three declared by the central govt VISAKHAPATNAM is bustling with inflow of funds from various institutions of the globe.

To have a better connectivity a new pearl is coming up in the form of an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at Bhogapuram.

On either side of the proposed airport are the two new housing projects coming up fro S S TOWNSHIP.

SANDY BEACH RESORTS and AERO CITY are the two housing layout coming up.

Sandy beach resorts is situated right opposite to BAY OF BENGAL on the eastern side of the proposed airport.we have plots of various sizes @ 6999/- per sq yard with the benefits of membership in the upcoming resort.

Similarly AERO CITY is another layout on the western side of the coming up airport.

This layout is situated on the highway beside BHOGAPURAM

The cost here is 8000/- per sq yard. As this is righton the highway it has excellent commercial potential.

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sandy beach walk through




tiff infomationThis is what every Vizagite and the world was thinking until the 12 th of October, and on that day the Vizagite was woken from the slumber with a cruel sting named Hudhud. Though this is the national bird of Isarael the speed at which it travelled literally swept away anything or every thing on its way. The biggest causality was the beauty of Vizag,  -greenery.

Lakhs of trees worth in crores were uprooted from their firm hold and dislodged to ensure that there was an irrepairabale damage to the Vizag environment. But lo and behold the Vizagite thought otherwise. He took the sting off Hudhud as a vaccine against the disease he was having and that was LAZINESS. He was on his feet the very next day. With the able guidance of none other than the Chief minister himself.

Mr Chandra babu naidu showed to the world what an able administrator can do. He not only infused confidence to the public but also ensured things worked as he and everybody wanted. In weeks time electricity and communication were restored. Seeing the speed at which the Vizagite worked, nature also took pity and started sprouting greenery on the brown hills and the dull plains started looking bright

This phenomenal change has bought tears of joy on every Vizagite’s face. The more we think about this the more overwhelmed we will be, because with this cyclone young Vizag has become younger.

The tender leaves have not only brightened but acted as Nectar to the dwindling spirits of Vizag

Added to this is the political stand of making Vizag a smart city.

And this it will be it is this city only which can run the extra mile. I invite all the good Samaritans to come and in invest in Vizag and help the cause as well as enjoy the benefits.



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