Pakistan as usual in a denial mode.

1] It denied the role in Gujarat riots

2] 26-11 The  Mumbai Taj attack there was no evidence in its view

3] Pathonkote- no sufficient proof

4] Uri attack – as per them it was self inflicted

5] and when Indian army conducts the surgical strikes at seven of their launching pads killing all the 38 militants and their army accomplices they are denying.

Why is it denying ?

If it agrees then it means the world will know that TERRORISM in Pakistan is state sponsored.


now the doors for India have opened

Let the army take control of POK and dismantle all the centers where the militant activity is taking place with the same surgical precision with which they conducted yesterday’s attack .

India is successful in isolating as well as exposing the inhuman, nefarious, cowardly as well as foolish designs of Pakistan to the whole world with few exceptions like China our big neighbor which is supporting Pakistan for its own gains of economic corridor and USA is taking the role of isolating our big neighbor.

USA is taking care of isolating China.

The moment China falls in line India can take rest.