Yes as the title indicates Visakhapatnam is a glowing city. A few interesting developments are taking place in the investment sector of REAL ESTATE industry.

a new opportunity is lingering around BHOGAPURAM the most happening place in the glowing city.

Selected as would be smart city among the three declared by the central govt VISAKHAPATNAM is bustling with inflow of funds from various institutions of the globe.

To have a better connectivity a new pearl is coming up in the form of an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at Bhogapuram.

On either side of the proposed airport are the two new housing projects coming up fro S S TOWNSHIP.

SANDY BEACH RESORTS and AERO CITY are the two housing layout coming up.

Sandy beach resorts is situated right opposite to BAY OF BENGAL on the eastern side of the proposed airport.we have plots of various sizes @ 6999/- per sq yard with the benefits of membership in the upcoming resort.

Similarly AERO CITY is another layout on the western side of the coming up airport.

This layout is situated on the highway beside BHOGAPURAM

The cost here is 8000/- per sq yard. As this is righton the highway it has excellent commercial potential.

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sandy beach walk through



Madhuvani in VIZAG

Today in the fast developing modern age people are finding themselves
amid the roaring traffic and the hazards of air pollution, they are
longing for fresh natural air and the sweet chirpings of the winged ones
to forget the vageries of life.
We at Y S K incorp are assuring you the same. In the form of a serene
atmosphere guarded by the Gods themselves. Lord siva on one side and lord Vishnu on the other.
The place is located at 35 km from Simachalam and 12 km before
Punyagiri. Flanked by the eastern ghats sumptuous amount of ground water all through the year makes the land highly fertile and makes it an ideal destination for one and all.
Madhuvani rains honey for the people to enjoy the evenings with
their families and friends. Then freshen up their body and soul for the
next days gruelling endevors or official jobs.
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Visakhapatnam A dream destination

When I say a dream destination I like to substantiate, one of the fastest growing cities of Asia, this city is attracting a large force of investors with the armory of intelligence and shrewdness and ensuring their coffers are filled with wealth.

The best way of doing this is investing in a product which is scarce and having a huge demand. The investment in land is found to out beat every other product because of the sole reason that it cannot be manufactured. Anything which is manufactured has an expiry tag to it and since land is not manufactured it has no expiry resulting in it being ever green.

So how best can we benefit from this sector is matter of concern. In this electronic age where everything is e-banking, e-commerce, e-trade, e-mail,…………..etc  we can have E-REALESTATE and this is an idea which needs to be pruned and discussed. In spite of poor liquidity in real estate, (especially land development) the growth is there in this sector, so just imagine if there was easy transferability where would this sector be. When I say easy transferability it is easy liquidity and how do we ensure that and that is the thought for us to ponder about.

As DMATing of shares has become compulsory in bullion market the government has to initiate the process of having e-documentation of the property. This is only a start and a lot of thinking has to be put in this idea to ensure a foolproof methodology.

What are the gains of this?

1)      The property valuation becomes easier.

2)      Improving cash flow in the market.

3)      Banking sector to benefit.

4)      Easier transferability.

5)      Fund availability will improve investments

6)      Improved investments will benefit industry

7)      Generating larger employment

8)      This will further improve the economy and stature

9)      This rippling effect will bring in a tsunami of good will

10)   Ensuring we cement our place at the top.

With so many benefits looming around our initiative of making E-REAL ESTATE a reality needs to be worked out

I could be small man small man all economists and politician should come forward to make the Idea big and working. The modalities have to be worked out with experts.

In this cyber age we can reap lots of benefits from this E-REL ESTATE.

Water once when stagnated breeds mosquitoes and ill health, whereas flowing water improves irrigation and agriculture. Similarly wealth once stagnated breeds enmity and jealousy. Whereas free cash flow improves industry and economy ensuring win -win situation to the populace.

If and when this starts functioning a new type of Bank called as LAND BANK will start.

The functioning of this bank though in cyber world will help easier transaction of documents and cash. A newer way of doing business will emerge leading to development of n number of entrepreneurs.

All in ALL there will all-round development guarantied.

Please come forward with your valued suggestions and improvements to mail ID

Difference between a FLAT and a PLOT.

For all those people who are interested in using their income to earn more income.

People are always confused as to know what’s right investment.

I believe in a principle that any thing which does not need a recurring expenditure is a good investment.

So what is it then?????????

Gold  ??

No because you need to spend to make and remake and remake an ornament.

Share s     ? ? ?

No  Because their is lot of speculation attached to it.

The sensex can crash resulting in heavy losses

Fixed deposits  ??

No as the interest one earns is pit tens.

A house  ???

To stay its good. But to let it out it will not workout, as one needs to spend in a recurring manner for the maintenance.

O K Then shall I invest in  FLAT  ? ? ?

Stay as a tenant and not as an owner. One needs to spend every month on maintenance and spend again for up keeping. Which means one is paying rent for his own flat.

By taking bank loans the bank is the beneficiary,

So the best investment is BUYING A PLOT from a recognized and a reliable company.

Your selection of property should be such that the appreciation would be huge.

your property should have lifelong security with no extra cost,

Your property should be easily saleable.

Your property should have good connectivity.

So how do we earn   ?????????

It’s simple.

If you purchase in a property at lesser price but a huge potential for growth then you can see your asset value multiplying in front of your eyes with out any reccuring expenditure

Is your money in banks safe?

When it comes to your money, you’ve always believed in playing it safe. And what could be safer than your bank? So, refusing to be lured by the seductive, yet fickle stock market, you were faithful to your bank savings and fixed accounts.
But now, even that haven seems to be in danger. There are rumors that an Indian bank is in trouble, with reports that people are rushing to withdraw their savings. Finance Minister P Chidambaram and the bank has denied there is any problem and said that depositors’ money is safe in banks.
The old saying tells us not to keep all eggs in one basket that means, don’t keep more than Rs 50,000 in a single bank. As the market is not good. . . ‘
Do you believe there is nothing to worry about? Do you think Indian banks are as strong and safe as they claim to be?
Are you planning to withdraw your money or are you planning to open accounts in several banks?
Do you believe India is headed for financial disaster?
What’s your strategy in these troubled times? Is gold the answer, considering the fact that the precious metal has crossed the Rs 14,000 barrier?
Investing in retail plots is the best way to ensure safety of your money. Again you have to ensure you select the right place to buy. Don’t fall for ads or claims, study for yourself and take a right decision quickly.
If you delay the decision there is every possibility of your mind being hijacked by your own mind?