Future developments

Apart from the developments in Hitech city, other notable developments are planned with the area in & around just Shamshabad is expected to attract an investment of around 70 thousand Crores in next 5-10 Years. There are developments planned for Hyderabad beyond HUDA (Hyderabad Urban Development Authority) transforming into HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority). HUDA which covered Hyderabad for about 250 km² will be replaced with HMDA that will span across at least 700 km².

Some of these developments include:

1. Hyderabad International Airport – projected to be India’s biggest International Airport spread over an extent of at least 5500 acres (22 km²). This International Airport will also serve as an International Aviation Hub for the international air traffic of U.S, Europe and Far-East. It will operate from April 2008 onwards.
2. Software Park – INFOSYS will relocate it’s Head Office from Bangalore’s Campus and set up a Campus at least four times in size compared to Bangalore — an area of 2000 acres (8 km²) for the development of various Software Products & Services. The Government of AP has made it mandatory for the Company to recruit two thousand employees at the facility.[17]
3. Hardware Park – This will come up on an area of around 2500 acres (10 km²) for manufacturing of Silicon Chips. Land allotment has been done to set up a manufacturing & R&D base for INTEL, AMD, ZEN TECHNOLOGIES and many more reputable Semi-Conductor MNCs.
4. SemIndia/Fab City – Hyderabad beat other contenders such as Mysore and Chennai to win the mandate for locating India’s first semi-conductor wafer fabrication or ‘Fab’—plant to be set up by SemIndia Inc., licensed from U.S based chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc., with an investment of around $3 Billion. SemIndia will also set up an assembly, test, mark, packing (ATMP) facility close to the Fab unit. The SemIndia plant is expected to come up on 1,200 acres (5 km2) at Srinagar which is close to the upcoming Hyderabad International Airport at Shamshabad.[18]
5. Nanotech Park – At an area of 1,100 acres (4 km2), a Korean firm, Intellect Inc., with an estimated investment of 1 Billion U.S Dollars has already laid the foundation of the Company’s presence. The manufacturing would commence to form this place, approximately around October, 2007. This would provide a direct employment to around 20,000 skilled personnel. It’s Phase II is anticipated to be completed by 2010, thereby creating a job pool of around 100,000 people.
6. Gems and Jewellery Park – an area of 200 acres (0.81 km2), land allotment to Geentajali Jewellers would create job opportunities for two thousand people by the end of 2008. Several MNC Jewellers especially from Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries will follow suit. [19]
7. Textiles Park – Five hundred acres of land has been allotted to SARODE HYCOT TESTILES. This will be the largest Textile Park ever set up by the Central Government and will create job opportunities for at least 100,000 people by establishing close to 2000 Powerloom Units between 2008 and 2010. [20]
8. Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), has announced that launch of its third campus in India at Hyderabad. The BITS campus at Hyderabad is spread over 200 acres (0.81 km2) of land at Jawaharnagar near Shamirpet in Rangareddy district.
9. Seven star hotel and golf course – EMAAR Group of Dubai to build a 7 Star Hotel within the proximity of Hyderabad International Airport on a land area of around 700 acres (2.8 km2) which will also contain a large Golf Course.
10. Reliance will acquire 25,000 acres (110 km²) of Land around the Vijayawada Highway at Ibrahimpatnam to set up its LPG Gas Plant. An eight-lane direct road will link the Reliance Plant area to Shamshabad ring road.
11. Aero Park – which would cater to the Aerospace and Aeronautics requirements, is proposed to be established near the Hyderabad International Airport under the aegis of the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Small Industries Associations. This would consume around 200 acres (0.81 km2) of Land. Hyderabad has emerged as a major centre during last couple of years in production of various Aerospace & Aeronautical components & sub-systems. In total, there are currently around 60 Units manufactured with an annual turnover of 150 Crores. This will be augmented at Aero Park by an investment of 250-300 Crores annually leading to production of at least 100 Units. [21]
12. The Outer-Ring-Road – the longest of its kind in the country, it would stretch to at least 170 km around Hyderabad, with exit points. Work has already commenced and will be like a belt way without any traffic signals and 8 lane roads plus two service lines.
13. India’s biggest/longest fly-over – a fly-over from Masab Tank would link up to a road close by Hyderabad International Airport at Shamshabad. The Project has been allotted 800 Crore rupees and stipulated timelines. This will be one of very few long flyovers in India.
14. Trade Center tower – will be either a single 60 story trade-tower — the first to reach such heights in India — or more than two towers of 30-40 floors each. The Towers will be near Manchirevula village and cater to IT industry, other businesses, and a stock market. The government selected Manchirevula because of its proximity to the Hyderabad International Airport at Shamshabad and the out ring road passing by the village. The Government has issued GO Ms No. 269 handing over the project to APIIC. The Ranga Reddy district have handed over 100 acres (0.40 km2) of land, in survey numbers 283 and 311, to the corporation to prepare the groundwork. A Bangalore based construction firm along with a Malaysian firm are working on this Project. [22]
15.916 Acres IT park at Mucherla on Hyderabad to Srisailam Highway
16. TCS,Cognizant,Wipro SEZs at Adibatla in Ibrahimpatnam mandal
17. Brahmani,INDU SEZs on Hyderabad to Srisailam Highway
18. Knowledge Corridor – The Dubai Government is interested in partnering with AP to develop the Hyderabad Knowledge Corridor. The Project – the Hyderabad Knowledge Corridor is aimed at being the hub for all IT activities from animation to financial software. Dr. J.C. Mohanty, principal secretary to the IT and communications Dept for AP said that this Project will laid down across 20,000 acres (80 km²) of Land stretching from Kanamet to Kollur covering about 34 Revenue Villages. [23]
19. Agha Khan International University – to be built on at least 100 acres (0.40 km2) of land.

20. Georgia tech university spread in 250 Acres in Mutcherla village adjacent to the IT park.


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  1. HMDA, plz make our Hyderabad like Hongkong,Dubai,Singapore,New York City etc. to earn the global attraction in many ways.

  2. Hello Mohan garu,

    My name is Sandeep and I am working in a software industry. I want to but a plot but i have no idea about real estate can you please suggest me which is good area that i can buy a plot for future development after 10 years. Please suggest sir.

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