Recession spares AP techies

Hyderabad, Nov. 16: The global economic slowdown seems not to have affected professionals from Andhra Pradesh too badly. Their technical skills and capacity for hard work have come to their rescue: US companies, at least for now, have spared a majority of professionals from the state while sacking staff.
Overall, it is estimated that over five million people have lost their jobs in the last one year in the US as companies fought off bankruptcy during the global meltdown.  Most professionals from here are willing to work extra hours, which is an advantage. The companies feel that day-to-day work will not be disturbed if they retain dedicated staff, like those from AP, who can deliver the goods with less manpower.
As many as seven lakh professionals — including about 3 lakh in the software industry — from the state have settled down in US. They are in various fields including information technology, medicine and business. Most of them went to US in the last decade during the boom in IT sector. “Relatively, professionals from the state are safe, though some companies may have removed a few of them,” said Mr Adusumalli Ratish, executive council member of the Telugu Association of North America.
“Most of them have geared themselves up to face the crisis. Adjustment to the new working environment has become an added advantage for them,” Mr Ratish said The professionals are unlikely to return to India immediately since they are hopeful that the economic situation will improve once the US President-elect, Mr Barack Obama, takes over in January 2009.  The families of Andhra NRIs are not worried about job security and financial conditions of their children.
“What is helping the AP software professionals in the US is their innate hardworking nature and dedication,” said Mr Y. Nageswara Rao, a software professional himself. Mr Rao, who is currently in Hyderabad for a short stay, said, “No company likes to lose such employees even in adverse conditions.

-courtesy DECCAN CHRONICLE 17/11/2008


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