Fabcity to be presented as Part of Indian Union Budget. The impact would be phenomenal. The US$3 Billion Chip Fabrication Project proposed to be set up by Semindia in association with AMD, at Hyderabad, India is moving towards solid ground.
The Project though unveiled in February 2006 was delayed due to lack of policy frame-work, in India, to support the Fab Industry. Globally, countries have handed out large fiscal concessions to Fab Industry considering the large employment and revenue generation potential. Semindia had demanded equity investment by Indian Govt. to the tune of US$260Million, in addition to tax concessions/ holidays.
The State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has allocated 1200 Acres of Land in a prime location, right opposite the upcoming New International Airport at Shamshabad. A special task force was engaged by the Indian Govt. to finalize the Semi Conductor Policy. Recently, the draft policy was finalized and presented to the Cabinet.
The Central Govt. has now decided to release the Semi Conductor Policy on February 28th during, the presentation of the Indian Union Budget. The Annual Budget is widely discussed in India and abroad.
The release of Fab Policy together with the Budget, is likely to give wide ranging publicity, to the Project. Since the Project is said to create more than 1 Million new jobs on SRISAILAM highway alone, the Indian Real Estate, Construction and Hospitality Industries have been keenly watching the development.
The Fabcity will have several large Fabrication Units with Semindia being the Anchor Customer. The Project is situated 4KM from the International Airport entrance, on Srisailam Highway.
In addition to Fabcity, the 10Km stretch from Airport along the highway is seeing large scale investments in Hardware, IT/Software Development, which will, in the coming few years, fructify into gigantic construction activities which the city of Hyderabad has not otherwise seen. Several Special Economic Zones, Star Hotels, IT Parks, Integrated Residential Townships etc are waiting to take off along Srisailam Highway.
All these would follow Fabcity grounding which should now happen immediately after the Budget Session.
The upcoming developments would make the recent rapid construction growth, which was seen in the IT corridor of Madhapur / Hitec City / Guchibowli, pale in comparison.
Considering the fact that a huge, vibrant community of people would need to work and stay along the SrisailamHighway,

  • HYDERABAD: With the Government in principle agreeing to the expansion of jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) by setting up Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), the area under the jurisdiction of the new body will increase three-fold.
  • HUDA Vice-Chairman Jayesh Ranjan said the idea was to ensure scientific and regulated development in view of the fast expansion and growth of the twin cities and its surrounding areas. It was the model adopted in all other metropolitan cities and, “we at Hyderabad too have to upgrade ourselves in tune with the pace of development,” he said.
  • Three-tier structure
  • More importantly, the new body would have planning as well as enforcement powers and it would incorporate and involve local bodies in the new three-tier structure.
  • It would have powers to take stringent action against violators of norms and confiscate illegal layouts.
  • The administration would be decentralised and the planning staff would be incorporated from panchayats, district-level boards, local bodies.
  • They would be supported by the central office and made accountable for enforcement of norms and regulations in their respective areas.
  • The present extent of Hyderabad Metropolitan region with four UDAs and Cantonment covered an extent of 2,197 and now it was proposed to include an additional area of 4,655
  • The population in the HMDA would be 78 lakhs, with 13 lakh population being brought newly under its fold.
  • The HMDA would function in coordination with the proposed Greater Hyderabad Corporation.
  • Proposed jurisdiction
  • The proposed jurisdiction would cover 54 mandals in five districts: Hyderabad (all 16 mandals); Medak – 10 mandals – Toopran, Vargal, Shivampet, Jinnaram, Narsapur, RC puram, Patancheru, Mulugu, Hatnur (part) and Sangareddy; Ranga Reddy -22 mandals – Shankarpalli, Serilingampally, Balanagar, Qutbullapur, Medchal, Shameerpet, Malkajgiri, Keesara, Ghatkesar, Uppal, Hayathnagar, Saroornagar, Rajendranagar, Moinabad, Chevella, Shabad, Shamshabad, Mahewsaram, Ibrahimpatnam, Kandukur, part of Yacharam and part of Manchal; part of Mahboobnagar — two mandals — Kothur and part of Farooknagar; and part of Nalgonda — four mandals — Chotuppal, Bibinagar, Bhuvanagiri and Bommalaramaram.
  • Focus on good governance
  • A three-tier structure would be formed for good governance of HMDA with Chief Minister as Chairman, the Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development as Vice-Chairman, a non-official as Deputy Chairman, and a Chief Executive Officer would head administration.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: 09.02.2007
  • The Hot Zone after Fabcity beside ORR Junction on Srisailam Highway, is picking steam faster than imagined. As you are aware, the general sentiment on Fabcity has turned extremely positive with Fab Policy Clearance and Semindia making senior level appointments.
  • The fact that Mr. Ajay Marathe former Head of AMD-India has joined Semindia as COO for Fabcity, has opened up the fact that Fabcity is now on Firm Grounds.
  • We have to liquidate useless investments if possible and buy only in locations which will SEE REAL APPRECIATION AND RESALE.
  • We had done re-asessment of possible projects Today and was astonished to hear CURRENT price, in HOT ZONE! My Prediction on future price has already been hit for a BIG SIX, with new project opening at price of 12000/sqd for plots near Highway and Rs.7000/sqd inside.
  • At Rs.5000/sqd at super rich project, you get whopping price advantage of above 5Lakhs for 500 sqd on DAY ONE.
  • (Important Note: This does not mean that the thrown out locations are bad. It only means that TODAY wehave better options! We could re-look at these locations when we have established control over prime areas!)
  • ENTIRE HADA AREA – Because there are NO legally safe layouts available today
  • That throws out villages like Shamshabad, Mamidipalli, Jallapalli, Sattamrai, Mankhal, BaghMankhal, Thukkuguda, Srinagar, Imamguda, Nandergul, Umadnagar, Kothaguda, Cherlaguda , Golconda Kalan, Pedda Golconda, Jukal, Madanpally, Palmakul, Narkhoda, Peddashapur, Gouliguda, Nadergul etc all Villages under HADA
  • Every bit of land after Shamshabad along Bangalore Highway, Outside HADA. That includes “Famous Areas” like Thimmappur, Kottur in thrown out List
  • Areas outside HADA, behind Airport including, Gollur, Nagaram, Nandupalli, Ameerpet, Toopara, Venkannaguda, Mansanapalli, Maisaram, Maheswaram Town and behind that are thrown out.

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  1. i think now picture is completely different for
    •ENTIRE HADA AREA – Because there are NO legally safe layouts available today
    •That throws out villages like Shamshabad, Mamidipalli, Jallapalli, Sattamrai, Mankhal, BaghMankhal, Thukkuguda, Srinagar, Imamguda, Nandergul, Umadnagar, Kothaguda, Cherlaguda , Golconda Kalan, Pedda Golconda, Jukal, Madanpally, Palmakul, Narkhoda, Peddashapur, Gouliguda, Nadergul etc all Villages under HADA

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