Yes as the title indicates Visakhapatnam is a glowing city. A few interesting developments are taking place in the investment sector of REAL ESTATE industry.

a new opportunity is lingering around BHOGAPURAM the most happening place in the glowing city.

Selected as would be smart city among the three declared by the central govt VISAKHAPATNAM is bustling with inflow of funds from various institutions of the globe.

To have a better connectivity a new pearl is coming up in the form of an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at Bhogapuram.

On either side of the proposed airport are the two new housing projects coming up fro S S TOWNSHIP.

SANDY BEACH RESORTS and AERO CITY are the two housing layout coming up.

Sandy beach resorts is situated right opposite to BAY OF BENGAL on the eastern side of the proposed airport.we have plots of various sizes @ 6999/- per sq yard with the benefits of membership in the upcoming resort.

Similarly AERO CITY is another layout on the western side of the coming up airport.

This layout is situated on the highway beside BHOGAPURAM

The cost here is 8000/- per sq yard. As this is righton the highway it has excellent commercial potential.

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sandy beach walk through



Visakhapatnam A dream destination

When I say a dream destination I like to substantiate, one of the fastest growing cities of Asia, this city is attracting a large force of investors with the armory of intelligence and shrewdness and ensuring their coffers are filled with wealth.

The best way of doing this is investing in a product which is scarce and having a huge demand. The investment in land is found to out beat every other product because of the sole reason that it cannot be manufactured. Anything which is manufactured has an expiry tag to it and since land is not manufactured it has no expiry resulting in it being ever green.

So how best can we benefit from this sector is matter of concern. In this electronic age where everything is e-banking, e-commerce, e-trade, e-mail,…………..etc  we can have E-REALESTATE and this is an idea which needs to be pruned and discussed. In spite of poor liquidity in real estate, (especially land development) the growth is there in this sector, so just imagine if there was easy transferability where would this sector be. When I say easy transferability it is easy liquidity and how do we ensure that and that is the thought for us to ponder about.

As DMATing of shares has become compulsory in bullion market the government has to initiate the process of having e-documentation of the property. This is only a start and a lot of thinking has to be put in this idea to ensure a foolproof methodology.

What are the gains of this?

1)      The property valuation becomes easier.

2)      Improving cash flow in the market.

3)      Banking sector to benefit.

4)      Easier transferability.

5)      Fund availability will improve investments

6)      Improved investments will benefit industry

7)      Generating larger employment

8)      This will further improve the economy and stature

9)      This rippling effect will bring in a tsunami of good will

10)   Ensuring we cement our place at the top.

With so many benefits looming around our initiative of making E-REAL ESTATE a reality needs to be worked out

I could be small man small man all economists and politician should come forward to make the Idea big and working. The modalities have to be worked out with experts.

In this cyber age we can reap lots of benefits from this E-REL ESTATE.

Water once when stagnated breeds mosquitoes and ill health, whereas flowing water improves irrigation and agriculture. Similarly wealth once stagnated breeds enmity and jealousy. Whereas free cash flow improves industry and economy ensuring win -win situation to the populace.

If and when this starts functioning a new type of Bank called as LAND BANK will start.

The functioning of this bank though in cyber world will help easier transaction of documents and cash. A newer way of doing business will emerge leading to development of n number of entrepreneurs.

All in ALL there will all-round development guarantied.

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Vizag a dream destination


Continuing my discussion on the above subject let me put forward some more of interesting facts on Visakhapatnam with a pet name VIZAG.

I discussed in my previous article about the investment in the north east of Vizag. People aspiring to live in serene and peaceful atmosphere the northwestern belt of Vizag has a blossoming role and can attract public the way in which nectar of the flowers attracts the honey bees.

The area starts from NAD junction culminating at Srungavarapukota or S.Kota in short. This distance of around 50 kilometers boasts of mainly residential development. This area is well decorated with greenery and is guardedby lord Narasimha swamy at simhachalam  in the south and uma kotilingeswara swamy at Punyagiri in the north. The whole area plain terrain and is a valley between Simhachalam  hills and Punyagiri hills.

The scenic beauty is so enchanting that one will be blessed with freshness every day. The area is good gift to parents from the present younger generation. This area is the foot hill of the eastern ghat ranges which are beautiful and picturesque.


Simhachalam temple


way to punyagiri temple
The temperature in this area is moderate ensuring pleasant ness to our living. The area is dotted with real estate companies like Bhashyam estates, YSK incorp, Bommarillu real estates and sreemitra group.Again for people who don’t have the pension option an Ideal investment plan is to buy plots or residential land from established companies in gated communities which will fetch very good returns at the time of retirement. The tendency of keeping investments in the liquid form always tends to flow down the drain even in small crisis situations. This is the area which I advise to invest for long term returns.For people with commercial interest this area is fetching for tourism and pilgrimage.Especially the tourism industry is quite fetching with the backing of the central and state governments and excellent connectivity by way of BRTS and rail connectivity from Kothavalasa jn, which is the starting point of the K K line.

Georgia Tech revives city plan

Georgia Tech revives city plan
Nod For Foreign Universities Bill Raises Its Hopes To Set Up Campus In Hyd
Nikhila Henry | TNN

Hyderabad: The Foreign Educational Institutions Bill, which was cleared by the Union cabinet a week ago, has brought some hope to Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta, which had plans of setting up an off shore campus near the city as early as 2007. In fact, the institute has already come up with a time-frame to start its India operations in the city, which would be in July-August this year. Authorities have come up with a two-phased developmental plan on research and development and pure academics.
The institute authorities had sent across a rough outline of their campus development plan to the state’s higher education department and discussed it with Sreedhar Babu, minister for higher education, K C Reddy, chairman, Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) in November 2009.
The authorities told TOI that the operations of its research and development (R&D) wing would start with the collaboration of several players from the country’s academia and industry.
“We are strongly committed to our goal of starting operations in Hyderabad. We are currently in the process of signing MoUs with leading companies in IT and energy and gas exploration areas of research,” said the spokesperson of the institute. He said that they were encouraged by the vision behind the foreign university Bill and ready to start their academic activity as soon as possible.
A premier institute of technology in the US, Georgia Tech had plans of setting up one of its offshore campuses in India and had been scouting for a suitable place since 2004. In 2007, an MoU was signed between officials of the university and the higher education department to set up a campus on 250 acres of government land at Mucherla village of Ranga Reddy district. While the land was identified and acquired for the purpose in March 2009, no response came from the university authorities after that. The government had even sent a letter of enquiry to the university heads on November 17, 2009 asking them to clarify whether they were interested in the project or not. In their response, the institute authorities said that they would first set up their research base.
Wipro and Infosys, which have set up R&D bases in the Atlanta campus of Georgia Tech, are expected to set up their labs in its India campus as well.
While the infrastructure will come up on the land allotted to the university,a full-fledged campus is likely to come up only in 2011 academic year.
The institute authorities admitted that they had to go slow on the project due to “economic recession” and “uncertainty” regarding the foreign university Bill”.
According to the institute authorities, the research centres will focus on developing “small but high quality programmes”. “The research will focus on cloud computing, gas exploration, climate prediction, power distribution and renewable energy”. The university is expected to be helped by local industries and research institutes in these activities.
But higher education officials said that the university had not yet bought the 250 acres the state government acquired for it. However, the institute said that the faculty and students of Atlanta campus are expected to reach the country in the next few months to flag off the research and development activities.

Eye soothing

By now all the readers are aware of the importance of KADTHAL, a small hamlet just two years back with a population of around two thousand farmers and lambadas.

Today one has to see the village to believe what I am writing in this Blog.

A hamlet getting converted into a village and then expanding its boundaries to become a hustling and bustling town of population more than a lakh.

The so called hamlet is gaining importance because of the strategic location it is situated.

A semi circle arc of mountains welcomes you to this village.

The beauty of this mushrooming township is personified by the greenery of the trees adding colour to it by forest fame flowers.

While I was going on a site visit to Chalapathi’s Montreal, the seven KM stretch was a feast to my eyes.

I would like to just explain this feast to my eyes.

In my child hood when I was reading INDIAN HISTORY I was told by my history teacher then that India had a golden era under the leadership of Emperor ASHOKA.

Though none of has seen that we all believed it and were longing for it.

The seven Km stretch from Kadthal to karkalpahad was giving me the glimpses of that.

Flanked by trees on both sides of road I felt as though gods were welcoming me to their abode by showering the forest flame flowers on to my Chariot (vehicle).

The moment I reached our project site, I could find the serenity which I had not felt any time before.

En route I could also find the two beautiful temples in the village Misigandi.

Spread in almost 40 acres this bit of land is situated on link road connecting Srisailam high way with sagar high way.

As Mutcherla IT park is going to shower wealth in this area the serenity could shower health in this area.

The future prospect of this area gaining importance is ample just because of these things.

For any more details please contact me.

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Chalapathi estates (p) ltd the renowned company in the field of real estates is proud to launch Chalapathi’s Montreal. The new project is adjacent to MAHISAMMA village near KADTHAL on the fast developing srisailam high way. It is a boon project for all segments of the society with a wide variety of payment options.

For details of the project call me the author of this site.

My No: 09866078419

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First AP Fab unit is ready

Hyderabad, Jan. 5: The first manufacturing unit of solar semiconductor photovoltaic cells in the Fab city is ready to be inaugurated.  The Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, is keen to have the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, to dedicate the unit to the nation as Andhra Pradesh was the first to take the initiative to set up such a unit.

Solar Semiconductor Private Limited completed the unit with an investment of Rs 650 crore.  Three more units taken by by XL Telecom, KSK Energy, SemIndia-AT&T and Surana FAB — each with investment to the tune of Rs 1,000 crore — are in different stages of completion.

“We have already allotted 600 acres out of 1,000 acres to 23 companies and by the end of 2009 the investments will be worth more than Rs 1,000 crore,” said the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) managing director, Mr B.P. Acharya.  After the initial experiment with SemIndia promoter, Mr Vinod Agarwal, turned out to be controversial, the Chief Minister handed over the project to APIIC which then allotted land to the semiconductor units.

The completed unit would manufacture 120 MW modular line and 60 MW photovoltaic cell.  “There is a huge demand for renewable energy sources like solar semiconductors,” said the vice-president of Solar Semiconductor Private Limited, Mr S.S.N. Prasad. “We are expecting a business turnover of Rs 2,500 crore by the year end.”

Mr Prasad said facilities worth Rs 250 crore, which includes built up space of 1.6 lakh sq ft, was created in just eight months. “The company has submitted plans to take up immediate expansion with Rs 400 crore,” he added.

The special secretary, Central department of Information Technology, recently visited the FAB city and expressed satisfaction over the progress.

Mr K. Vasudevarao, executive director, XL Telecom and Energy, said the global demand for solar semiconductors is increasing by 40 per cent every year. XL Telecom and Energy’s unit is expected to start in March this year. He claimed that the company had orders to the tune of$ 2 billion from Europe and the United States for the next three years.