BARC’s II campus in AP expected in three years

Updated on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 18:08

Mumbai: The second campus of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) coming up at Atchyutapuram will focus on research in energy, environment and education (EEE) and the strategic needs of the country, its Director Sreekumar Banerjee said on Tuesday.

The first phase of the campus is expected to be completed within three years, he said.

Nearly 40 scientists from BARC and few new recruits have already moved to a rented building in Autonagar in Vizag to begin the work for the new campus, Banerjee said.

A new facility for electromagnetic systems of BARC was commissioned on Saturday at Autonagar and Banerjee said it was a precursor to the major facility at Atchyutapuram on a 2,800 acre site.

“Since the Trombay campus has become saturated and we wanted to have a campus in the eastern coast of India to spread research all over the country, we have begun the work for the Vizag campus,” he said.

Choosing of this site has an additional advantage because the city has Andhra University, which is an established institution with good research background, connectivity and infrastructure, Banerjee said.

More than Rs 500 crore would be invested in the construction of buildings alone, Banerjee said.

Four groups have already started research work at the facility opened at Auto Nagar here which has parallel computer processing facility and 4.5 tetra byte.

BARC was always concerned about environment and the Atchyutapuram facility would lay a lot of emphasis on environmental protection, he said.

The research reactor would be connected to the isotope processing facility to supply isotopes used for curing cancer to hospitals and diagnostic centres.

BARC was also helping villages in its area under its societal initiative programme and improving educational standards of selected schools. Benefits of research done at BARC would spur a lot of employment and prosperity in the area, he said.

Department of Atomic energy’s Homi Bhabha National Institute will also be housed in the Vizag campus of BARC taking care of quality higher education to train students in nuclear and related pure and applied sciences.

Some of the other systems set up at Auto Nagar’s rented place include electromagnetic system, high power microwave, electro magnetic pulse, computer simulation program me for material behavior in extreme condition and spectroscopy for making mirror for optical lasers, Banerjee said.

In the field of energy, accelerator driven technology, advanced research in thorium, new technologies for production of hydrogen, compact high temperature reactors will be taken up in a larger scale at the Atchyutapuram campus, he said.

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