Vizag a dream destination


Continuing my discussion on the above subject let me put forward some more of interesting facts on Visakhapatnam with a pet name VIZAG.

I discussed in my previous article about the investment in the north east of Vizag. People aspiring to live in serene and peaceful atmosphere the northwestern belt of Vizag has a blossoming role and can attract public the way in which nectar of the flowers attracts the honey bees.

The area starts from NAD junction culminating at Srungavarapukota or S.Kota in short. This distance of around 50 kilometers boasts of mainly residential development. This area is well decorated with greenery and is guardedby lord Narasimha swamy at simhachalam  in the south and uma kotilingeswara swamy at Punyagiri in the north. The whole area plain terrain and is a valley between Simhachalam  hills and Punyagiri hills.

The scenic beauty is so enchanting that one will be blessed with freshness every day. The area is good gift to parents from the present younger generation. This area is the foot hill of the eastern ghat ranges which are beautiful and picturesque.


Simhachalam temple


way to punyagiri temple
The temperature in this area is moderate ensuring pleasant ness to our living. The area is dotted with real estate companies like Bhashyam estates, YSK incorp, Bommarillu real estates and sreemitra group.Again for people who don’t have the pension option an Ideal investment plan is to buy plots or residential land from established companies in gated communities which will fetch very good returns at the time of retirement. The tendency of keeping investments in the liquid form always tends to flow down the drain even in small crisis situations. This is the area which I advise to invest for long term returns.For people with commercial interest this area is fetching for tourism and pilgrimage.Especially the tourism industry is quite fetching with the backing of the central and state governments and excellent connectivity by way of BRTS and rail connectivity from Kothavalasa jn, which is the starting point of the K K line.


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