Eye soothing

By now all the readers are aware of the importance of KADTHAL, a small hamlet just two years back with a population of around two thousand farmers and lambadas.

Today one has to see the village to believe what I am writing in this Blog.

A hamlet getting converted into a village and then expanding its boundaries to become a hustling and bustling town of population more than a lakh.

The so called hamlet is gaining importance because of the strategic location it is situated.

A semi circle arc of mountains welcomes you to this village.

The beauty of this mushrooming township is personified by the greenery of the trees adding colour to it by forest fame flowers.

While I was going on a site visit to Chalapathi’s Montreal, the seven KM stretch was a feast to my eyes.

I would like to just explain this feast to my eyes.

In my child hood when I was reading INDIAN HISTORY I was told by my history teacher then that India had a golden era under the leadership of Emperor ASHOKA.

Though none of has seen that we all believed it and were longing for it.

The seven Km stretch from Kadthal to karkalpahad was giving me the glimpses of that.

Flanked by trees on both sides of road I felt as though gods were welcoming me to their abode by showering the forest flame flowers on to my Chariot (vehicle).

The moment I reached our project site, I could find the serenity which I had not felt any time before.

En route I could also find the two beautiful temples in the village Misigandi.

Spread in almost 40 acres this bit of land is situated on link road connecting Srisailam high way with sagar high way.

As Mutcherla IT park is going to shower wealth in this area the serenity could shower health in this area.

The future prospect of this area gaining importance is ample just because of these things.

For any more details please contact me.

My name K.V.Mohan: 09866078419, or mail me at kviswamohan@yahoo.com.


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