Mockery of our system

A few wayward youngsters have taken the whole system for a ransom.

I would put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the HOME MINISTRY.

No Indian should pardon the lethargy with which the home minister is taking up the responsibility.

I sincerely feel we should condemn not only the action of the so called terrorists but should vehemently oppose the actions of the governing officials  in preventing the attacks.

Prevention is always better than cure.

The mockery made by the few individuals should be taken as a lesson let us at least learn from this horrifying lesson.

It is going to spell doom for the whole nation in terms of confidence on the system.

A person losing confidence on the governance tends to become a revolutionary and that is bound to become a big hurdle for the growth or transformation of a young nation from the third world to one among the top nations of the world.

I feel now is the right time to tighten the security and it impose grievous punishments to the staff in charge of the security.

The Indian security system is definitely of world standard,but I am sorry to tell that the staff in charge are not to that standards.

The standards drop when the governing bodies lack the the will to safe guard the minor interests of the staff.If one has to get the best out of an individual the people managing them should give them the best in terms of MONEY POWER AND BACKUP.

This is precisely what is lacking the governing bodies resulting catastrophes like the one in MUMBAI.

I don’t want any big knee jerk reactions,but certainly would be very happy as an INDIAN CITIZEN if security system is overhauled and given the the right direction to ensure nobody can even think of attacking even a single person on the Indian soil.

My suggestions are as follows:

1) Introduce an Identity card for every individual.

2)Use the satellite system to the maximum for surveillance.

3)Give good remuneration for the people in charge of the guarding system.

4)Give maximum punishment not only to perpetrators of the crime but also to the people in charge at that particular moment.

5)Avoid blame games

6)Own up responsiblity.

I’ll be glad to receive your feed back to all my hurt feelings


2 Responses

  1. The terrorist act in Mumbai is devoid of our feeling for our fellow human. It is sad they perpetrators had to feel they had no other courses of action opened to them,


  2. Nice to see your comment

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