Difference between a FLAT and a PLOT.

For all those people who are interested in using their income to earn more income.

People are always confused as to know what’s right investment.

I believe in a principle that any thing which does not need a recurring expenditure is a good investment.

So what is it then?????????

Gold  ??

No because you need to spend to make and remake and remake an ornament.

Share s     ? ? ?

No  Because their is lot of speculation attached to it.

The sensex can crash resulting in heavy losses

Fixed deposits  ??

No as the interest one earns is pit tens.

A house  ???

To stay its good. But to let it out it will not workout, as one needs to spend in a recurring manner for the maintenance.

O K Then shall I invest in  FLAT  ? ? ?

Stay as a tenant and not as an owner. One needs to spend every month on maintenance and spend again for up keeping. Which means one is paying rent for his own flat.

By taking bank loans the bank is the beneficiary,

So the best investment is BUYING A PLOT from a recognized and a reliable company.

Your selection of property should be such that the appreciation would be huge.

your property should have lifelong security with no extra cost,

Your property should be easily saleable.

Your property should have good connectivity.

So how do we earn   ?????????

It’s simple.

If you purchase in a property at lesser price but a huge potential for growth then you can see your asset value multiplying in front of your eyes with out any reccuring expenditure


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