Is your money in banks safe?

When it comes to your money, you’ve always believed in playing it safe. And what could be safer than your bank? So, refusing to be lured by the seductive, yet fickle stock market, you were faithful to your bank savings and fixed accounts.
But now, even that haven seems to be in danger. There are rumors that an Indian bank is in trouble, with reports that people are rushing to withdraw their savings. Finance Minister P Chidambaram and the bank has denied there is any problem and said that depositors’ money is safe in banks.
The old saying tells us not to keep all eggs in one basket that means, don’t keep more than Rs 50,000 in a single bank. As the market is not good. . . ‘
Do you believe there is nothing to worry about? Do you think Indian banks are as strong and safe as they claim to be?
Are you planning to withdraw your money or are you planning to open accounts in several banks?
Do you believe India is headed for financial disaster?
What’s your strategy in these troubled times? Is gold the answer, considering the fact that the precious metal has crossed the Rs 14,000 barrier?
Investing in retail plots is the best way to ensure safety of your money. Again you have to ensure you select the right place to buy. Don’t fall for ads or claims, study for yourself and take a right decision quickly.
If you delay the decision there is every possibility of your mind being hijacked by your own mind?


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