Chalapathi’s Wellington

To all the readers,

I hope you have read  my pages showing the importance of SRISAILAM HIGH WAY, (now being converted to National high way). It is galloping to become the prime spot for an all round development.Right from the 10th KM milestone to the 60th KM milestone, a stretch of 50 Kilometers is turning out to be a gold mine for the people of GREATER HYDERABAD to dig fortunes as much as they want.

FORTUNE favors the BRAVE and this proverb holds good for all investors in this belt.

With CHALAPATHI at the helm of affairs we are confident that we will be able to help many a public to own prime properties in the near future. I request you to come join us to turn your DREAMS into REALITY.

We are proud to launch the 28th venture and the 26th on srisailam highway.

Our new venture is in the outskirts of city  and in the midst of the new city developing in that area.

CHALAPATHI’S WELLINGTON is the new venture. It’s at stone throw distance from asia’s largest amusement park and is facing highway on the left

Contact me: 09866078419, or for clarifications.


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